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Crackle Technique

Crackle Technique

Apply Crackle Glaze

Crackles™ Glazes are decorative glazes and are not recommended for food containers or any piece designed to hold water. By their very nature, they are not waterproof. Avoid placing any glaze on the inside of the piece to avoid the possibility of the piece cracking during the firing and cooling periods. Dryfooting (not glazing the bottom of the piece) is necessary as it allows the gases in the soft witness cone 06 firing to escape. Apply 2 coats of Crackle Glaze onto bisque. Let dry thoroughly after each coat. Stilt and fire to witness cone 06.
Crackle Technique

Antique the Finish

The glaze begins to develop its crackle pattern while cooling in the kiln and will continue to crack long after the piece has been fired. Wait about 48 hours until the crackle pattern reaches the degree that you like before antiquing the piece to accent the crackles. After fired, handle piece with a paper towel to prevent hand oils from penetrating crackle glaze and interfering with antiquing. Place a small amount of OS 476 Black Opaque Acrylic onto a piece of foil. Thin with water. Brush mixture onto Parchment Crackle areas of the piece, using No. 6 Round Brush.
Crackle Technique

Wipe back color

Wipe off excess color before dry, using paper towels.

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