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Antiquing bisque

Antiquing bisque

Apply stain

Place small amount of an Oil-based Translucent Stain on a palette or piece of foil. Use a soft brush to apply 1 coat over a dry decorated piece, being sure to work the color into all crevices.
Antiquing bisque

Wipe back color

While the color is still wet, use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe back color, following the contours of the piece. For large pieces, work with one area at a time.
Antiquing bisque

Load brush and prepare

Dip a bristle brush into paint, and brush color back and forth over a paper towel, flat paper grocery sack or coffee filter until almost no color shows up on the paper.
Antiquing bisque

Drybrush piece

“Dust” the brush back and forth on the detailed areas of the piece.

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