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Glaze Spritzing Technique

Glaze Spritzing Technique

Dilute Glaze

For this technique, dilute each Courtyard Art Glaze with an equal amount of water for even spraying. Use a spray bottle on the spray or mist setting to spritz on 3-4 coats of the thinned Courtyard Glaze on the piece. Lighter colors will require more coats for solid coverage.
Glaze Spritzing Technique

Spray second color

Spray on the second thinned Courtyard Glaze color here and there, using a setting in between mist and stream on the spray bottle.
Glaze Spritzing Technique

Spray accent color

Spray on accents here and there with a final thinned coat of Courtyard Glaze, using the stream setting on the spray bottle.

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