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Sgraffito Technique

Sgraffito Technique

Apply color

Apply glaze to piece.
Sgraffito Technique

Add design

Because sgraffitoing is best done while the color is still damp, work quickly to sketch or trace the design over the unfired underglaze color.
Sgraffito Technique

Carve design

Work with one small area at a time. Use the TL 407 Sgraffito-Duster™ tool with the hollow side of the blade down to gently scratch fine, shallow lines along the sketched or traced design lines, then go over the lines a few more times, gradually deepening and widening the lines. Evenly carve any wide design areas down to the depth of sgraffitoed lines. To avoid chipping the color, always pull the tool toward you and, in areas where two lines intersect, pull the tool away from a point on each side of the previously sgraffitoed line. Use the brush end of the Sgraffito-Duster tool to remove any color particles.
Sgraffito Technique

Finish piece

Once design is carved apply clear glaze and fire.

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