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Blending Technique

Blending Technique

Trace your pattern

Trace your pattern onto the ware with clay carbon and a pencil.
Blending Technique

Load brush with color

Dampen a Shader brush in water and wipe off excess on a paper towel. Place a small amount of each color on a separate area of foil. Load one side of the brush with the first color, then load the other side of the brush with the second color.
Blending Technique

Apply colors to piece

Apply the colors to the piece, working the brush back and forth to blend the colors. Be sure the colors remain wet while you blend. If the colors start to dry as you blend, it will create a muddied appearance.
Blending Technique

Apply contrast color

Dip the cleaned brush in a darker color and apply 1 light coat to shade an area. The see-through color creates the natural look.
Blending Technique

Optional Step: Outline

Outline petals and create light detail lines with Liner brush and Dark Black. Dip brush handle in Dark Black and touch to ware several times to add dots to flower center. Let dry.
Blending Technique

Apply Clear Glaze

Use Fan Glaze brush to apply 2 coats of Clear Glaze completely over plate. Let dry after each coat. Stilt and glaze fire to shelf cone 06.

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