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Rubbing Alcohol Technique

Rubbing Alcohol Technique

Base coat

Base coat the piece (we used Mediterranean Olive Courtyard Art Glaze for this example).
Rubbing Alcohol Technique


To create an even pattern, mask off square sections on the top of the piece, using 1½4 inch masking tape to create grids. Make sure paint is completely dry before taping or the tape won’t stick.
Rubbing Alcohol Technique

Mix wash

Mix the second glaze color with water to a thin wash consistency (we used Celadon Envision Glaze).
Rubbing Alcohol Technique

Apply glaze wash

Work within one row of squares at a time. Apply 1 coat of the thinned glaze along each row.
Rubbing Alcohol Technique

Drop alcohol

After glazing small portion with wash, immediately add a drop of rubbing alcohol in each square with a Liner brush. The rubbing alcohol drop repels the top layer of glaze and creates a circular outline. Let piece dry, then gently peel off all tape.

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