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Masterpiece in Minutes

Masterpiece in Minutes

Pour glaze

Stir Courtyard glaze. Pour a large puddle of Pumpkin Spice on foil.
Masterpiece in Minutes

Apply glaze

We rolled thinned clear glaze inside vase and lid. Use BR576 3/4" Premium Glaze brush to apply smooth coats to outside of lid (except handle) and bottom section of vase. Let dry between coats.
Masterpiece in Minutes

Add crystals

Mix crystals in Moss Green jar and use BR530 No. 8 Sabeline Round and BR576 3/4" Premium Glaze brushes as needed to apply 3 coats of Moss Green to handle and to the top section of the vase. Let dry between coats. Stilt and glaze fire separated pieces to shelf cone 06. After firing, thread raffia strips through handle.

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